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Question Everything

A Green Day Concrit Community

Question Everything: A Green Day Concrit Community
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Question Everything is a community devoted to the seeking and giving of constructive criticism for fanfiction based on the band Green Day. If you're having trouble with a story, or even just a concept, and you need some help, this is the place for you. Membership is open, and we welcome writers of all levels, from the green beginners right through to the seasoned veterans. Everyone has room for improvement and our hope is that we can help each other do that. Join up, and come introduce yourself here. :-)

There are a few rules if you want to play in this community:

1. All posts must be friendslocked. What's posted in the comm, stays in the comm. (We're like Vegas that way.)

2. All ratings and all pairings/multiples are acceptable to post here. That means het, queer het, slash, and anything else up to and including mass orgies. That's why we ask that all posts include a rating and a pairing in the main body of the post, and that the rest of your writing is behind an LJ cut. Go here to find out how to do a cut. Ratings are explained below. Please use the following header format and remember to post warnings if they are needed:

3. Flaming and personal attacks will not be tolerated. This is for constructive criticism - go here for a post on what concrit is and what it means in the context of this comm. Yes, it is actually possible to tell someone that the piece they are writing isn't working without telling them that they're a horrible writer or a bad person. Useful, specific suggestions for improvement that are phrased politely: that's the sort of concrit that we're looking for here.

4. You are not your writing. We know that writing is intensely personal, and you are taking a chance putting yourself out there by posting a request for concrit. Please make sure that you are prepared to accept concrit if you choose to post, and remember that it is NOT a reflection on you as a person.

5. The only wanking allowed is the kind that involves your hand down your pants. (We encourage that, although it makes typing a little difficult.)

6. The completely arbitrary rule! All original posts (comments are not included in this requirement) must have an icon that shows some skin - and we don't mean facial. If you are in need of such an icon, you may borrow beelzezuk's Billie belly. (Try saying that five times fast!) This is it: . xD

If you're not comfortable posting your work out for all and sundry to comment on, we also function as a beta request community. You can go here to either ask for a beta, or offer your services.

*Note: The exceptions to Rule 1 are the resource posts (memoried as such) which have been unlocked so that people who may wish to work on their writing privately can still view them without having to join the comm. There is a main resource post with links to other writing- and slash-related sites, and also other resource posts on various writing topics such as pronoun use, punctuation, and that sort of thing.

A few guidelines for promoting and recommending qeverything

We like that people are so enthusiastic about this comm, because that tells us that what we wanted to do is working!

However we'd like to ask that you don't foist the comm on other people. Here are a few tips for promoting the comm:

• Concrit gets a bad rap because all too often, it's used as a blanket term for commentary that is, in reality, thinly-disguised flaming. We would appreciate it if any time you mention QE to new people, that you emphasize that it's meant to be a safe place where flaming isn't tolerated. S'mores are only good at campfires. ;-)

• Because concrit is the misunderstood bad boy of fiction, we want to make sure he gets a chance to show his soft belly. To that end, any posts promoting QE on other comms must go through a mod here and a mod there (everywhere a mod, mod) to have the exact content approved before posting. This also covers our asses. Naked ass is only good when it belongs to a Green Day boy.

• If someone posting a story on a fiction community in LJ makes a specific request for concrit, or for the services of a beta, feel free to point them towards QE. That's exactly our intended 'audience': people who are actively interested in giving and receiving concrit. And who like to wank via fingers + body parts, not fingers + keyboard.

• Alternatively, go ahead and concrit it yourself right there, now that you know how! But just remember that while anything in the comm stays in the comm, the same goes for the reverse: QE has nothing to do with any concrit offered outside its walls. (See the "naked ass = bad" mention above.)

qeverything is near and dear to our hearts, and good, constructive criticism is something we both value highly. Back when Tas picked up writing again and posted her very first fanfiction (in another fandom), she only ended up continuing to write fanfiction because a few people offered both supportive encouragement and suggestions for improvement – the exact definition of the best kind of concrit. And in fact, Tas and Elz first met because Elz had asked for concrit on her first Green Day fiction post and Tas offered some. That led to conversations and friendship and eventually, the birth of this comm. We believe in the concept of writers working together to help each other improve and we wanted to share that with others who were like-minded. :-)

For questions, concerns, and everything in between, contact your friendly moderators:

beelzezuk: Email Elz at beelzezuk[at]livejournal[dot]com

tasyfa: Email Tas at tasyfa[at]livejournal[dot]com

Ratings Guide
(Snagged shamelessly from our sister comm comingclean :D)

*Thanks to innerchorus for linking us to this explanation of the ratings guide, from Subreality.com.

Using the American movie guidelines as a template, most fanfic can be rated as follows:

* G: Good clean fun for all ages.

* PG: Mild implied sexual innuendo, mild bad words, or violence or serious (though not quite mature) topics.

* PG-13: Some violence, bad language, obvious sexual innuendo, implied sexual relations. Also may include some mature topics such as suicide, homosexuality, drug/alcohol advocacy, rape aftermath, details of childbirth, etc. depending on the mores of the fandom involved.

* R: Just-short-of-explicit sex, graphic torture or violence, rape. Not recommended for minors.

* NC-17: explicit erotica, excessively gory violence. Often illegal for underage readers.